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How To Have Your Amazon Orders Sent Discretely.
For Privacy or Profit!

There are two main reasons to want your items shipped discretely from Amazon.
1. Personal items you want to be private from the world.
2. If you want to use Amazon as a Discrete Drop Shipper for your sales on eBay or other auction and yard sale sites.

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Many people have discovered just how profitable it is to use Amazon as a supplier for items to sell on eBay. Thousands of dollars a day are being made with NO cost to the eBay entrepreneur. Go to Amazon, pick a product, list it on eBay, get paid, place your order at Amazon, have it sent discretely to your buyer, and pocket the difference. (your marked up price on eBay). It’s EASY money! I have made some videos to show you exactly how to pick a product, price it for profit, and start making a living from your kitchen table. If you make just $5 per item, per sale, and have 25 items listed for sale, and make 2 sales per item a day. That is $250 per Day or $91,250 per Year PROFIT!
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Sold by “Business” and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Look for this, Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. this tells you that the item is processed by Amazon.
Ships from and sold by
In short, items must be processed and shipped by Amazon.
This process DOESN’T apply to other sellers on Amazon.

1st. Click on the (wiggly) banner at the bottom of this page. It will take you to the main page of Amazon. Do a search and find your item.

2nd. Click on add to cart. You will then see this page. “This will be a giftMUST be checked. See photo below.

3rd. Next you will choose your shipping options. There is a box that needs to be checked on this page. See photo below.

4th. You’re done if this is a personal order.¬† If this is a drop ship order for eBay, do Step 5.

5th. On the very last page where the “Place Your Order” button is, click the link at the bottom left that says “Add gift options”. See photo below.
Once you click on this link the following screen will come up. Check the¬†appropriate boxes and place your order. You’re done!

Plain Brown Azon Box

Click this (wiggly) banner to START discrete shipping.

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